Sage Error 911911 Security Violation and Access Denied

Sage 911911 security violation and access denied

The Sage 50 is the accounting software which was developed for the small business. The Sage basically takes over all the accounting and financial management of these business. While a user is working on the sage software, they may encounter some error like 911911 Security Violation and 911911 Access Denied error, etc. In that circumstances they can dial the Sage 50 customer support toll free number 1844 87 16289.

What is Sage Error 911911:

When a user receives the error ”911911 Security Violation and 911911 Access Denied” it means a user has either violated the security of sage or due to some reason the sage have denied the access.

Solution of Sage Error 911911:

The 911911 Security Violation is caused due to the following 4 reasons. After the user eliminates these causes the Sage program can run smoothly.

  • The Merchant ID and the Merchant Key are incorrect. The Merchant ID is the twelve digit number which is the same as the Virtual Terminal ID. The Merchant Key is the twelve characters long or the combination of both the alphabets and numbers. It can also be the combination of small and capital alphabets.
  • If the multiple Merchant ID and Merchant Key pair are passed at the same time or during the same duration.
  • The transaction request should always be 128-bit encryption.
  • If the XML Web services are disabled. You can find this option in the Virtual terminal. You will have to go to the configuration option, then account settings menu.

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These are just some common errors which needs some rectification. After rectifying it you can try using the software again. The 911911 Access Denied response is basically the error where the Sages restrict you from using the software. Now you cannot open the file or the folder related to the Sage software.

The general meaning for this error is that it is the restrictions in the IP of the Virtual Terminal. To resolve this error you will have to go to the setting. To exterminate this error you will have to go to the settings option. Then Configurations, then IP restrictions menu. From here select the API/Shopping Cart Tab and then ensure that the proper IP address is entered there and it is allowed.

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By following the above method you can resolve this error. But even after resolving both the issues you still have some queries, in that circumstances without wasting the time you can dial the accountingadvice toll free number 1844 87 16289.

What is Accounting Advice?

The is the Sage tech support consultant who have a team of Sage certified executives. They are online round the clock so that whenever any sage user has some inquiry, irrespective of the time they can connect the There some instances where sage customer support is unable to contact you and help you with your issues. So that situation you have a different alternative i.e. To contact them you can dial there toll free number 1844 87 16289. You can also visit there website accountingadvice for more information about sage.

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