Sage 50 Payroll Tax Year 2020 W-4s

Sage Payroll Tax Year 2020 W4s

Sage 50 is one of the most known accounting software and everybody likes it because of its features, latest tools, and advanced information. Sage 50 comes with the w4 form which is changing in 2020. It includes payroll updates which include information to stay updated on the market. You must update for the version 2020.1 and then update your payroll tax table for 2020. If you are unable to do it can cause your software to unable to accommodate the 2020 IRS mandated changes to the Form W-4 and the associated tax calculations adjustments.

Please see the below steps to manually download and install the 2020.1 update

Download and Install 2020.1 and Update

To manually download and install the version  2020.1, follow the below steps:

  1. Select services>> to check for the updates >>check now
  2. If you see multiple updates then kindly select the update which you want to download and click Download
  3. After finishing download, you need to exit the sage 50 and update will automatically begin

The new updated tax release comes up with any new information and many changes happened, some changes are mentioned below :

Federal Tax Changes

  1. Federal Income Tax withholding –  The new 2020 allowance amount and withholding tax tables has been changed now. New filing status was introduced as a result of the revised form w4 for 2020.

The internal revenue service made changes to the tax code which impact the 2020 year. As a result of changes, the IRS revealed a new Form W 4. If you are preparing the tax for next year you need to be aware of below important changes:

  • Any new employee from 1 January 2020 or after that muse use the form new W-4 Employee’s withholding certificate
  • Since 1 January 2020, any employee which needs to make changes to the withholding should use the W4 employee withhold a certificate
  1. Social Security Wage Base – The 2020 social security wage base increased to $137700

Some of the state and local taxes are below mentioned

State and Local tax

  1. Alaska Employee State Unemployment Tax- 2020 wage rate increased and the rate is not changed
  2. California state disability Insurance – 2020 Wage limit increased
  3. California State Income tax – 2020 withholdings table changed
  4. Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance – 2020 wage limit decreased
  5. Illinois State income tax – 2020 amounts for allowances changed

Payroll tax forms are now all updated within the payroll taxes forms selector window as of 16 December 2019. To receive any update select  Federal or state form and click on Next. If there would be any update the window will appear will have an option to automatically update your forms. It is always advisable that you update all the forms.

How to contact us?

Seeking for help? Dial and get in touch with Sage 50 support number 1800 964 3096. Sage 50 Professionals are polite, and they are a quick and active listener. Sage 50 Helpdesk is always available for you to 24*7 so that they can take minimum time to resolve the issue. Experts are having years of experience which enhance the quality of the professionals. You can also email at [email protected] and soon one of the Sage 50 exert get in touch with you.

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