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Sage 50 NonProfit Accounting Support

Non Profit Accounting with Sage 50

SAGE, a world renowned accounting company, incepted Sage 50 Non Profit Accounting Software with the aim of aiding Non-Profit organizations in handling all their finances and compiling the required details of the organization in a systematic manner. This management is imperative in cases of Non-Profit organizations as they function only on funds and money provided as way of charity. The funders and donors require a fully fledged account of where their money is going and whether they should continue with the funds.

To combat the complex process of finances, SAGE structured Sage 50 Non Profit Accounting. The software offers easy solutions to maintain and handle funds conspicuously, have complete of record of donations made, tracking income both restricted and unrestricted and curb unnecessary expenses.

Some of the key points provided with Sage 50:

  • The software accords charts and forms as per the need and requirement of the Non Profit industry.
  • Customizable accounts that showcases funds garnered from different individuals and departments.
  • Bifurcation of restrictions and problems as per their need and importance.
  • The software helps to design, create and send reports via email including some of the imperative financial statements like organizations’ Business Position and Summary list of all the donors and grantors.
  • Generate report forms as per your requirements and preferences.

Additionally, Sage 50 Non Profit Accounting software also comes equipped with a program called ‘Sage Business Care Silver’ that basically provides upgrades,  complete access to customer care support, customizable and flexible reporting features, online training etc. Thus it is also known as Auto Renewal application.

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Basic Accounting Tools that Saves Time Effectively

  • Create & send Invoices via email, track your customers and pay bills, keep an eye on your receipts.
  • Authentic and reliable follow of double-entry accounting principles
  • Intuitive interface that enables users to know the current standing of the organizations right from the first screen.

Manage Your Business Efficiently

  • Reminders and alerts can be set for imperative tasks or the activities that need daily attention.
  • Hassle free integration with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for main tasks.
  • Customize reports in order for in depth analysis of the tasks and activities.

Swift Track of Cash Flow

  • With Sage 50 Non Profit Accounting software powerful tools like Cash Flow Manager you can predict future receipts and payments.
  • The tool also accords details regarding the surplus cash left to meet the expenses and responsibilities for both current and future scenarios.

Payroll Management

  • This software smoothly integrates with Sage 50 Payroll Solutions.
  • Furthermore, you can either print or directly deposit the salary of your employees.

Confidentiality and Sensitive Information

  • You have full command over who accesses the software and thus have access to sensitive business information.
  • You can also keep account of basic and minute financial errors that might have an adverse effect in the future.

Stock Tracking and Management

  • You can create stock assemblies and also track customers’ orders with Sage 50 Non Profit Accounting software.
  • Furthermore, innovative stock costing methods like FIFO, Average and LIFO for calculations.

Design Numerous Budget Options

  • You can give many budget options to others based on different departments and cost centers.
  • Improvise on your financial planning and have in depth analysis on various departments by following their budgets.
  • You can also design ‘What If’ scenarios wherein you will have insight on how a particular decision affects in the future.

Nonprofit Centric Features of Sage 50:

  1. Donor or Funder receipt and reports can be easily printed
  2. Smooth integration with Microsoft Word accords you to design letter for events like fundraising.
  3. Collection letters for members can be printed and pledge for outstanding fees.
  4. A welcome letter can be designed by using Microsoft Word templates for new and upcoming joiners.
  5. Mechanically created Non Profit centric reports are error free and accurate.

Non Profit Organizations do not follow the same processes of accounting and handling financial tasks. Not only their operations but also the activities performed by them are quite different from that of other industries. As such they need Non Profit specific software for smooth and swift working of the accounts. In case you get stuck with any feature of Sage 50 Non Profit Accounting software, you should immediately get in touch with their impeccable support team that provides prompt support in just matter of minutes. IF however, you are not able to contact them due to long queue, you can call on for instant help through their Toll Free Number .

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