Shipping Software Integrates with Sage 50

Shipping Software Integration

Out of many important features embedded in Sage 50, the ability to integrate with different software and third-party applications is perhaps the most useful one. It really helps businesses to expand their capabilities and this is what makes Sage 50 extremely popular among the business community. This ability of Sage gives businesses the flexibility to improve over time. 

If you are into a shipping business, you would surely agree to the fact that it’s the delivery that can provide the key differentiation to your business. With an efficient and prompt delivery, you can delight your customers and scale your business to new heights. If you have to spend more time on getting your shipments out through Sage, you may not have leveraged the power of shipping software. Yes. Several quality shipping software are available these days which can integrate seamlessly with Sage and can enhance its performance by manifolds. With their well-built functionalities, you can sync all the orders from Sage into one single platform, create dispatch labels in bulk and make your shipments out in no time.

In this blog, we are going to discuss one such software, namely, Freight+ and how it can help you. 

Here we go!

Freight+ Shipping Software

Freight+ works as a multi-career shipping software for Sage. It has an incredibly easy interface and can integrate seamlessly with the Sage accounting system. This software is certified by US Postal, FedEx and UPS as a replacement software for WorldShip and Ship Manager. It has the ability to streamline your Sage shipping from shipping to quoting and to tracking packages. Thus it can save labor hours considerably for you. Moreover, with its highly customized features, it can give your company a professional touch. It will help you maintain accurate records and will also eliminate duplicate data entry.

Features and advantages of the Freight+ Shipping Software

Some of the prominent features and advantages of the Freight+ shipping software are discussed in brief below-

  • Highly scalable- the Freight+ shipping software provides highly scalable options. Whether you have 20 or 20,000 packages to ship, it can provide tailor-made offerings to suit your unique needs.
  • Can be accessed from multiple workstations- the Freight+ shipping software can be installed on your cloud server/server. You can have it accessed from multiple workstations. 
  • Zero workstation license fee- this software will not charge you a per-seat license fee
  • Facilitates international shipments- the Freight+ shipping software facilitates international shipments in an effortless manner. You do not even need to provide any extra input. It will fetch all the details from the Safe sales order and will complete all international shipping documents.
  • Handles multiple companies- it facilitates shipping for multiple Sage companies, from within the software itself
  • Easy printing/scaling options- you can use the existing carrier laser/thermal scales and printers. The optional facility of combined Laser Packing Slip and Tag is also available. 
  • Improved billing options- the Freight+ shipping software provides robust, all-carrier billing options. some of them include-
    • Collect & consignee billing
    • 3rd party billing
    • Bill receiver
  • Carrier contracted features- Freight+ includes impressive carrier contracted features including-
    • UPS SurePost
    • FedEx SmartPost
    • Career Discount Rates
  • Enhancements in Rate-shop & Quoting
    • Automatic selection of the best career rate
    • Background Rate-shopping with no screens
    • Rate-shop or quote using sales order data from Sage

We hope from the above discussion, you have got a fair idea about the Freight+ shipping software. We have also discussed the benefits this software can provide by integrating seamlessly with Sage 50. If you are still having any queries, you may get in touch 1800 964 3096 with some authorized Sage professionals.

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What is the Shipping Software API in Freight+?

The Shipping Software API is a developer kit included in the Freight+ software. With this, you can create your own pop-up or background processing shipping system. It uses a simple coding structure to place a shipment for any carrier.

Can I Send line Order details from Sage to Freight+?

Yes. You can send the line order item details from Sage to Freight+ effortlessly. You can pack the contents from each box. Then you can add line item values related to insurance accurately and complete international shipping documents. No other inputs are required. You can also send notifications and content to your customers through emails.

How Useful is the Ship-via Automation Feature in Freight+?

You can use the ship-via automation feature on your Sage Sales Orders. Here, you can automatically select carrier shipping service, Saturday Deliveries, Signature Required, Bill 3rd Party, No Charge to customer, Collect and so on. This removes the need for additional user input and reduces the chance of errors. It also provides the ship-via cross reference table for the existing ship-vias.

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