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updating sage 50 payroll

If you are still having problems updating your Sage 2022 Payroll, or still unaware of the latest updated features, we are here to help. This article aims to provide all the vital information necessary for Sage 2022 Payroll Update.

Note: The following updates are affected only for Canadian Sage Payroll.

Sage 2022 Payroll Product Updates

The new features and improvements in the Sage 2022 Payroll Product Updates include:

  • Benefit Code for the T4 Box 31

This allows you to report an amount for box 31 on your employee’s T4. Now, you can set up any necessary benefit code in your Payroll Earnings & Deductions screen by clicking on the T4 – Box 31 (Special Work Site) in the T4/T4A.

  • Product improvement

The new Sage 2022 Payroll update includes several enhancements to the Pensions Module, innovative start-up wizard to direct users through setting up and interactive Help Centre.

Federal, Territorial, and Provincial Tax Changes in Sage 2022 Payroll Update

The following federal, territorial, and provincial tax changes have been included in the latest Sage 2022 Payroll update. You may require altering your employees’ records to reflect the latest Payroll Tax changes.

  • EI Maximum Insurable Earnings and Premium Rates
  • Pension Plan Rates and Maximum Pensionable Earnings
  • Federal Indexation
  • Provincial and Territorial Legislative Updates
  • WCB Maximum Assessable Earnings
  • Personal Tax Credits
  • Provincial and Territorial Indexation
  • Provincial and Territorial Tax Brackets

Sage 2022 Payroll Product Update Installation Guide

Perform the instructions in the following install, activate, and verify the Product Update.

Prior to installation:

  • Back up company data.
  • Ensure every user has exited from the program.
  • Verify the service pack or the product update level- open the Help Menu and click on System Information to validate the service pack or the product update that has been installed in your system.

Installing Sage 2022 Payroll Update

Follow the steps below to install the Product Update:

  • Right-click on the Product Update file in order to Run as Administrator (else ensure you acquire administrator rights to perform the installation) and start the installation program.
  • The Welcome window appears. Click on Next to go on to a new Software License Agreement window.
  • Go through the option and choose the features that need to be installed. Click on Next and Install.
  • The Setup Complete window will appear, click on Finish to complete the installation.

Activating Tax Update

  • Launch your Sage application.
  • Go to the Administrative Services folder and click on Data Activation.
  • Select the existing tax update then click on Activate option.
  • When prompted to convert the previous payroll update to the existing payroll edition, click on Proceed.

Once the installation and activation process is completed and has made necessary adjustments in the document, you can continue processing your payroll.

Verifying Sage 2022 Payroll Product Update

You can verify whether the update has been installed successfully once the update is completed by selecting the Help option and contacting your Sage provider.

Accountingadvice Tech Support

If you have any query or experiencing issues while updating/running your Sage 2022 payroll update contact us via phone number or email address [email protected].

Service included:

  • Proper guide to use Update TD1 Claim function
  • Proper guide to filling and printing Releve 1s and T4s
  • Preparing for payroll of 2022

You can visit our Accountingadvice website and Sage chat with us Live- here you will find quick and reliable answers to resolve any issue from Sage support and products experts even at the busiest time of year. You will also find helpful articles, resources, and other links to help manage your payroll and run your business smoothly.

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