Sage 50 2019 There was a Problem Activating

sage 50 2019 activating problem

SAGE 50 accounting is most popular used accounting solution and includes a range of features and services which need proper configuration and installation. While upgrading to a higher version, users may sometime encounter errors such as.

Error: “Sage 50 2019 There Was A Problem Activating”

Error: “The activation key … Would you like to reactivate now?”

Read through the content below to understand the causes and find troubleshooting steps for resolving it.

Cause of Sage 50 2019 Activating Problem 

Sage 50 activation problem usually occurs because of the following reasons:

  • Program not activated on the server
  • Pervasive database engine not running as a service
  • Permission set incorrectly
  • Damaged Pervasive database engine
  • Incorrect data path
  • Hidden .dat option
  • Files missing in the data path
  • Wrong Serial Number
  • Running an older version of the program

Steps for Resolve Sage 50 2019 Activating Issue

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1: Stop and Restart Pervasive via Task Manager

💠 You can perform this method if you think the error is related to damage Pervasive, or have installed multiple versions of pervasive or wrong pervasive version on the server.
💠 First, ensure Sage 50 program has been closed on all workstation.
💠 Right click on any blank space of the task bar, and select the Task Manager (or, press on Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys to open to task manager)
💠 Now, browse to Details tab then find w3dbsmgr.exe process.
💠 Highlight the process then click on end task tab at the bottom to end the process.
💠 Next, browse to Services tab, sort by name, find psqlWGE
💠 Once you locate the psqlWGE, select it and click on Start

Solution 2: Stop, Restart Pervasive via Services menu

The steps below can be attempted for Windows 7/8/10.

💠 Press on the Windows + R keys on the keyboard
💠 Type in SERVICES.MSC on the space given, and click on OK
💠 Right-click on Sage 50 SmartPosting [edition], then click on Stop (for Quantum user only)
💠 Right-click on the Pervasive PSQL Engine, then click on Stop
💠 Right-click on Sage 50 SmartPosting [edition], then click on Start
💠 Right-click on Pervasive PSQL Engine, then click on Start

Solution 3: Run Repair on Program

Attempt the following steps, if the error has occurred due to missing files in the data path caused by bad installation.

💠 Click on Start Menu, and select the Control Panel
💠 Select the Add/Remove Program tab or Programs & Features
💠 Select the Sage 50 Accounting on programs list, then click on Change
💠 Click on Repair > Next
💠 This will start the Repair process
💠 You may need to install program updates or service releases if necessary.

Accountingadvice Tech Support

Following these above-given methods will resolve Sage 50 activation issue. However, if the issues still persist, immediately call us on there may be more to the issue. We advise you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible with assistance from experts, so to avoid loss of important data.

For any assistant in resolving any Sage 50 issues, feel free to reach Accountingadvice tech support. We provide Sage support service via phone , email address [email protected], and chat support.

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