How to Fix Sage File System Error 2147219196

Sage 50 file system error (-2147219196)

Sage 50 is  an incredibly powerful software for accounting  professionals  and  businesses. More and more businesses in the small and medium category are availing the amazing features of this accounting software to good effect. However, we can’t deny  the fact  that  no program,  software  or  application  can be 100% free of errors and Sage 50 is also  not without  its  fair  share  of  such  errors. One of the most common issues the Sage users face is the Sage file system error 2147219196.

If  you  have also faced this issue of late,  you  are at the  right place.  We can clearly understand how frustrating it can be, if you are doing some  important accounting tasks  and  this error  pops  up  suddenly. But you don’t need to bother anymore! In  this blog, we will tell you some easy but effective methods to resolve the Sage file system error 2147219196. Just go through it till the end and implement the steps mentioned here in.

Steps to Fix File System Error 2147219196 in Sage 50

Sage File System Error 2147219196

Here we are Providing Multiple Methods to Fix the File System Error 2147219196 in Sage 50

Total Time: 10 minutes

Method 1- Try Updating to the Latest Photo App Version

🔷 Check for  the available updates  of the Photo App
🔷 select  your preferred  download the Latest version of Sage 50 and update option
🔷 click on the  update tab
🔷 Then  click on the get updates to the latest version tab 
🔷 Click on download
🔷 Install the latest photo app version on  your  system and  check  if this error is resolved or  not.

Method  2Reinstall Windows Photos

🔷 Right-click on Windows Power Shell  on  your  desktop
🔷 Now  click  on  Run as administrator
🔷 Go  to  Appxpackage and remove Appxpacakge
🔷 Press the ENTER key
🔷 This  will remove the Photos App  from your system
🔷 Now  proceed  to install the windows Photo installation package
🔷 A zip  file  will  get  installed
🔷 Do  a  right click on  Extract files
🔷 Browse  to select your preferred  location to store the files
🔷 Open the search box
🔷 Type “command prompt
🔷 Click  NEXT
🔷 Write <PsExce location address>PsExec.exe- sid c:\windows\system32\cmd.ex
🔷 Press ENTER.
🔷 Click to agree with the terms & conditions appearing on the screen
🔷 After the installation process gets completed, check if the error has been resolved or not.

Method 3- Execute the Trouble-Shooter

🔷 Press Windows + I on your keyboard
🔷 Alternately, you can click the windows key and then click on Settings
🔷 Click on the Troubleshoot option on the left side
🔷 Now drag the troubleshoot window to the bottom
🔷 Click on the Run the trouble-shooter tab below the Windows Store Apps
🔷 It will identify and fix the issues automatically

Method 4- Check the Files with the Mini Tool Partition Wizard

🔷 Click on Target partition
🔷 You will see the tab  Check file system on the left panel. Click on it
🔷 Now click on the tab named check & fix detected errors
🔷 Click on  START to run the process
🔷 It will automatically detect and repair the Sage file system error.
🔷 After the process gets completed, check if the error still persists.

Method 5- Install latest Windows Updates

🔷 Click the Windows key
🔷 Now click on  Settings
🔷 Navigate  to the Update & Security page
🔷 Check for the new Windows updates
🔷 A screen will show if the latest Windows updates are available
🔷 Install the latest updates, if available
🔷 After the updates have been installed, restart the computer

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Final Words!

Hope this blog would help you learn how to fix the Sage file system error 2147219196. If you are still facing any difficulties in carrying out the above-mentioned steps or if you have any other queries related to Sage, you may speak to some authorized Sage experts.

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📢Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Possible Causes of the Sage File System Error -2147219196

Some of the prominent reasons of occurrence of the Sage file system error (-2147219196)  are mentioned below-
🔷 Improper shutdown of the system.
🔷 NFS writes error
🔷 Hardware failure or
🔷 Interruption of utilities.
🔷 Sudden unplugging of the System

How to Create a Data Back up File in Sage 50?

Please follow the steps mentioned below-
🔷 Log into the Sage 50 company for which you want to take  backup
🔷 Click File
🔷 Go to  Backup. You can also go to the toolbar on the home screen and then click on the backup icon
🔷 Go to Sage 50 Accounting – Backup window
🔷 Enter a suitable name for the backup file.
🔷 Specify the folder where you wish to keep the backup
🔷 Click OK to initiate the backup

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