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MYOB Business to Sage Data Conversion

In recent times, it has grown increasingly necessary to invest in an online accounting software. There are quite a few such platforms available that have been designed to ensure that the best has been offered to the clients when it comes to efficiency, ease of use and accuracy. However, it is generally the added features and the swift online assistance that ‘takes and cake away’. So, how do we know what to choose and what to lose? Well, for this, here we have a comprehensive guide into the comparison required according to your customized needs, applications and the results that you are aiming at. Here are our top contenders:


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Sage Business Cloud Accounting ensures you are able to manage your small business in an easier manner. This accounting software comprises features that have been designed to  help you manage your cash flow better and to send and track invoices from all over  the cloud.


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MYOB Business is accounting software that has been designed to assist the businesses of any size across nationals like Australia and New Zealand to be able to take care of GST, invoices, reporting, expenses and payroll. This also includes the Single Touch Payroll. It has been designed to save time, improve productivity, and stay updated with the ATO obligations.

Our Verdict: It has to be the Sage Cloud Accounting. Bearing in mind the user-accessibility and its application on all business types, irrespective of the size. Also, it is the constant upgrading of the latest features that makes this software a grabber. According to the users, Sage ensures that the regular upgrades, updates and notifications have been regulated to the customers for them to be able to make the most of the applications as and when required

You can also visit for migration: Payroll Data Migration in Sage 50

Platforms Supported

Now let us take a look at the kind of platforms that have been supported by each of the above accounting softwares.

Platforms supported -YESPlatforms supported -YES
Web-based -YESWeb-based -YES
iPhone app – YESiPhone app – YES
Android app – YESAndroid app – YES
Windows Phone app -NOWindows Phone app -NO

Our Verdict: When it comes to the kind of platform and the choices offered, we suggest you go for any of the above mentioned accounting platforms, as each of these are at ‘par’ with each other.

The Customer Base

The next important aspect for the use of any accounting platform is the Customer base it can manage and also the customer base it attracts. So, let us take a look at each of these:

Freelancers-YESTypical Customers-YES
Small Businesses-YESFreelancers- YES
Mid Size Businesses-NOSmall Businesses-YES
Large Enterprises-NOMid size Businesses-YES
Large Enterprises-YES

Our Verdict: As clearly observed from above, it is recommended to opt for the MYOB online accounting platform, as it has a far wider reach when it comes to the customer base.

The Customer Support

An efficient customer support is yet another major aspect that ensures the reliability and the accountability of a specific accounting platform. Likewise, it is also essential inorder to be able to also maintain the existing customer base. So, let us take a look at the three contenders:

Phone- YESPhone- YES
Online- YESOnline- YES
Knowledge base- YESKnowledge base- YES
Video tutorials- YESVideo tutorials- YES

The Reviews

Finally, the ‘customer is the king’. Yes, the final verdict lies in the hands of the customers and how they feel about each product. So, let us take a look at the pros and cons of each of them:

Sage and MyOB Pros and Cons:

For Sage:

The capacity to integrate along with the other Sage solutions is great.Can be confusing sometimes as all the windows are similar.
Customer support is one of the best along with a knowledgeable and helpful staff. There are attractive screens available and easy to understand interface and instructions.There is also a lot of downtime which can be highly uncomfortable at times.
This Pastel My Business Online is one of the most user friendly, and cost effective comprehensive online packages for almost all Small Businesses or individuals anywhere.Slightly overcharged

For MyOB:

There is a fat chance that your accountant is familiar with this platform. Hence they will be able to make great recommendations.Canceling your account is very difficult and they will try and screw you out of every last cent. I will never ever use this company or software again. SO ANGRY at the account closing process
MYOB has the ability to cater for the very small business operators out there by having quite an affordable and easy to use solution.They might have stolen but it has cost them a customer and I will tell everybody I meet to avoid that software and company like the plague.
Excellent customer service.All that needs to be done is to have the option of reports that needs to be converted into excel instead of PDF.

Our Verdict:  We recommend Sage as it is the perfect all-rounder when it comes to the easy accessibility, affordability and the Price tag.

The Key Features

The next aspect of consideration is the key features that each of the platforms offers. Here is a look at what each of them have:

Total Features- 90
Total Features120
ACH Payment ProcessingACH Payment Processing-NO
Account ReconciliationAccount Reconciliation-NO
Accounts PayableAccounts Payable
Accounts ReceivableAccounts Receivable
Activity Dashboard-NOActivity Dashboard
Activity Tracking-NOActivity Tracking
Ad hoc Reporting-NOAd hoc Reporting
Aging TrackingAging Tracking-NO
Approval Process ControlApproval Process Control
Audit Trail-NOAudit Trail
Automatic BillingAutomatic Billing
Bank ReconciliationBank Reconciliation
Billing & InvoicingBilling & Invoicing
Billing PortalBilling Portal
CPA FirmsCPA Firms
Cash Flow ManagementCash Flow Management
Cash ManagementCash Management
Chart of AccountsChart of Accounts
Check ProcessingCheck Processing-NO
Check WritingCheck Writing-NO
Client ManagementClient Management
Commission ManagementCommission Management
Compliance Management-NOCompliance Management
Contact DatabaseContact Database
Contingency BillingContingency Billing-NO
Core AccountingCore Accounting
Cost ManagementCost Management-NO
Customer StatementsCustomer Statements
Customizable InvoicesCustomizable Invoices
Customizable ReportsCustomizable Reports
Data ExtractionData Extraction
Data Import/Export-NOData Import/Export
Document ManagementDocument Management
Document Templates-NODocument Templates
Dunning ManagementDunning Management
Duplicate Payment AlertDuplicate Payment Alert
Electronic Funds TransferElectronic Funds Transfer
Electronic PaymentsElectronic Payments
Email Management-NOEmail Management
Expense Claims- NOExpense Claims
Expense Management-NOExpense Management
Expense TrackingExpense Tracking
Financial ManagementFinancial Management
Financial ReportingFinancial Reporting
Fixed Asset ManagementFixed Asset Management
For AEC IndustryFor AEC Industry
For AccountantsFor Accountants
For Medical PurposesFor Medical Purposes
For Real EstateFor Real Estate
For Small BusinessesFor Small Businesses
Fraud DetectionFraud Detection
Fund AccountingFund Accounting
Fund ManagementFund Management
General LedgerGeneral Ledger
Hourly BillingHourly Billing
Income & Balance SheetIncome & Balance Sheet
Inventory ManagementInventory Management
Inventory TrackingInventory Tracking
Invoice CreationInvoice Creation
Invoice HistoryInvoice History
Invoice ManagementInvoice Management
Invoice ProcessingInvoice Processing
Job CostingJob Costing
Mobile AccessMobile Access
Mobile AppMobile App
Mobile PaymentsMobile Payments
Online InvoicingOnline Invoicing
Online PaymentsOnline Payments
Overpayment ProcessingOverpayment Processing-NO
PO ReconciliationPO Reconciliation-NO
Partial PaymentsPartial Payments
Payment CollectionPayment Collection
Payment ProcessingPayment Processing
Payroll ManagementPayroll Management
Payroll ReportingPayroll Reporting
Profit/Loss StatementProfit/Loss Statement
Project AccountingProject Accounting-NO
Project BillingProject Billing-NO
Purchase Order ManagementPurchase Order Management
Purchasing & ReceivingPurchasing & Receiving
Real Time DataReal Time Data
Real Time ReportingReal Time Reporting
Real Time UpdatesReal Time Updates
Receipt ManagementReceipt Management
Receivables LedgerReceivables Ledger
Recurring PaymentsRecurring Payments
Recurring/Subscription BillingRecurring/Subscription Billing
Remote Access/ControlRemote Access/Control
Reporting & StatisticsReporting & Statistics
Revenue RecognitionRevenue Recognition
Sales Tax ManagementSales Tax Management
Spend ManagementSpend Management
Task ManagementTask Management
Tax CalculationTax Calculation
Tax ComplianceTax Compliance
Tax FilingTax Filing
Tax ManagementTax Management
Third Party IntegrationsThird Party Integrations
Time & Expense TrackingTime & Expense Tracking
Time TrackingTime Tracking
Transaction ManagementTransaction Management
Vacation/Leave TrackingVacation/Leave Tracking
Vendor ManagementVendor Management


Likewise, the Integreations is yet another aspect of an online accounting software. So, let us take a look at the integrations offered for each of the above mentioned softwares:

Total Integrations100
Total integrations219
Dynamics 365Dynamics 365-NO
Dynamics 365 Business CentralDynamics 365 Business Central-NO
HubSpot CRMHubSpot CRM-NO
Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel-NO
QuickBooks Online AdvancedQuickBooks Online Advanced-NO
Quickbooks OnlineQuickbooks Online-NO
Total integrations219SAP Business One-NO
Dynamics 365Sage Intacct-NO
Dynamics 365 Business CentralSalesforce Sales Cloud
HubSpot CRMStripe-NO
Microsoft ExcelWooCommerce
QuickBooks Online
Quickbooks Online
Total integrations966
Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 Business Central
HubSpot CRM
Microsoft Excel
QuickBooks Online Advanced
Quickbooks Online

Also know how to use Migration Tool: Sage Migration Tool


MYOB is a great platform when it comes to the accounting requirements for organizations of various sizes. However, when it comes to the overall performance and offerings, it has to be SAGE ACCOUNTING. Not only does the software offer a great mode of accountability and applications for the various aspects of book-keeping, it also is a wonderful tool to maintain a steady and seamless operation between the latest upgrades and updates. For more details, be sure to log on to and you will be pleasantly surprised with the information offered.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Are Sage and QuickBooks comparable?

This greatly depends upon the plan that you choose. Also these are comparable when it comes to the budget.

Is MYOB as good as QuickBooks?

Each of the accounting software are quite similar to each other when it comes to the majority of the features offered. However, there does exist a slight difference in each of these

How is Sage better than QuickBooks?

Sage is better as it offers a more comprehensive feature set. This includes project management, inventory tracking, and international accounting capabilities as well.

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