Problem Sharing Sage File after Windows 10 Update

Problem Sharing Sage File after Windows 10 Update

Many users have reported problems sharing Sage File after Windows 10 update. This however seems to be a problem with password protection sharing instead of windows update. The resolution of this problem is simple. All you need to do is disable password protected sharing. This however is a less secure option than configuring the network for sharing.

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Disable Password Protected Sharing

The steps provided here should only be undertaken by the system administrator. We recommend that you get someone with advanced knowledge of the network to complete the process of disabling password protected sharing. We will not be responsible for any incorrect modification of the file or security . Before proceeding, create a backup copy of your company file.

Steps of fix Sharing Sage File after Windows 10 Update

follow the steps provided below:

  • To create a backup of your Sage 50 company file

    Log into the Sage 50 company file you wish to backup. Switch to single-user mode for creating a backup. The backup option isn’t available in multi-user mode.
    ➤ From the File menu, click on Backup. Another option is to click on the Backup icon from the toolbar.
    ➤ The Sage 50 – Backup window will appear. Enter name for the backup file. Include the date in the name of the backup file. This is recommended as it provides additional information about the backup.
    ➤ Click on Browse to select the folder in which the backup copy of the company file will be saved.
    ➤ Click on Ok.

    ⌛ The backup will start. The time taken to create a backup file is proportionate to the size of the company file. We recommend that you set up automatic backup in Sage 50. This way, you’ll always have the latest backup copy available.
    ⌛ In Windows 10, files are protected to avoid hacking. However, users have the option to turn off password protected sharing.

  • To Disable Password Protected Sharing in Windows 10

    ➤ Log into an administrator account.
    ➤ Hit Windows + R.
    ➤ Type in Control Panel. Hit Ok.
    ➤ Click on Network and Sharing Center.
    ➤ Click on Change Advanced Sharing Settings.
    ➤ Select All Networks from the bottom screen.
    ➤ Click on Turn off password protected sharing.
    ➤ Click on Save Changes.

Disabling password protected sharing can be risky as unprotected networks can be easily hacked. This is why it is better to configure the network instead of disabling the requirement of a password.

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Final Words

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