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sage 100 2019 hidden utilities

When receiving an error message indicating that the bank code has been used, you can use the Sage 100 hidden utilities to modify the Sage 100 menu and fix the issue. Apart from this issue, the Sage 100 hidden utilities can be used to resolve other Sage 100 issues.

Here is a list of handy Sage 100 Hidden Utilities that you should know about. These utilities are easily accessible. Simply go to the File > Run and enter the suitable program, then click on OK.

Caution: Some utilities can directly make changes to the data files. Hence, you should create backup prior to using these Utilities to resolve the issue.


This utility is used for clearing check printing flag in the Accounts Payable when unable to print checks because Sage 100 is showing an error message stating that the bank code is already in use. Ensure to verify that none of the other users is running printing checks process before employing this utility.

  • ARWAR4

This utility is used to resolve issue showing zero balance in an invoice when trying to apply for cash to the invoice in the Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts. Ensure no user is in the middle of processing cash receipts before employing this utility.


This utility can be used to modify the Sage 100 standard menu. Expand the module menu tree simply by double-clicking on it. By expanding the folders you will be able to see individual tasks & reports and also drag & drop items within the folder. To rename an item simply double click on it and uncheck the box of any item to prevent it from displaying on the menu.


This is a DOS-based utility which can be used to adjust the amounts in the standard Form 941. This utility will not affect the amount in the eFiling if you use this task only to prepare Form 941.

To change amount, simply enter the correct field number and key. Click on the Enter key to move to the next form. Once you have done necessary changes press on the Down Arrow key and click on Yes on the prompt to finished. (Select NO to revert back to the first field or UNDO button to reverse the changes made)


This utility enables users to copy the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Inventory Management files to other company without copying the balances or transactions. This utility comes in great use while creating a fresh company with the same vendors, customers, or inventory items as the existing company.


This utility can be employed to convert the customer data and address to all uppercase. These changes are permanent and can be reversed only by restoring the data from backup.

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