After Sage 50 2021 Update Cannot Open Company

After Sage 50 2021 Update Cannot Open Company

Sage 50 is now available in the 2021 version. However, sometimes many users complain that after Sage 50 2021 Update, cannot open the company. This happens due to many issues, which delays your productivity as well as irritate you.

Further, in the below article you will come to know about the causes behind this issue and resolutions to fix the “after Sage 50 2021 Update, cannot open companyissue.

Causes behind After Sage 50 2021 Update, Cannot Open Company

Any user is unable to open a company due to multiple reasons, but some of the main reasons are given below which generally occurs.

  • Data might be corrupt
  • Operating System is not updated
  • Data may be locked
  • Your antivirus installed is blocking you to access the data
  • Sage 50 Version is not updated
  • You are unable to access your network

Before proceeding to the resolution methods make sure that :

  • Any antivirus is paused or stopped
  • You need to disable all VPN

Methods to Open the Company File after Sage 50 2021 Update

Method 1 –  Open the program as Administrator

  • First of all, close the Sage 50
  • Now, go to Sage icon and perform right-click
  • Select the option “Run as Administrator
  • Now open the company file
  • Send the data to any new location and after that, you need to add permissions
  • Locate the.SAI file and.SAJ folder, copy it and paste it under C drive
  • Add user permission settings for everyone
  • Verify that there should be no hidden files in .SAJ folder
  • Finally try to open the company file again

Method 2 – Data might be corrupt

  • If data is corrupt then you need to restore it from the backup
  • If you didn’t restore the data then you need to contact Sage professionals and ask them if they can restore the data.

Method 3 – You might have missing/Hidden File or Folders

  • Open the file location where the company file available
  • Now locate the .SAJ folder and check if all the necessary file and folder are there

Method 4 – Your Sage 50 version is not updated

  • You need to download the recent version of Sage 50
  • Once the Sage 50 latest version is downloaded, Install the update manually which is available in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download

Method 5- Network connections are not working or down

  • Verify if you can access the drive or location where files are kept
  • If you keep the file on the network location and you are unable to access that location or network drive then you should immediately contact the IT experts

Method 6 – Check if your connection is private

  • Go to Start button
  • Search for control panel
  • Locate Network and Internet option
  • Click Network and sharing option
  • Verify that status of the network is Private/work/Home/Domain except for public
  • If it shows public change it to private

Winding Up

Above resolutions for the “After Sage 50 2021 Update, cannot open company” issue will help you to get rid of this error. However, still, you are in need of any help feel free to dial and get in touch with Sage experts. Sage Helpline is open 24*7 to provide you the quick and reliable solutions. You can also email [email protected] to contact the Sage advisors. If you don’t wish to send an email or call, you can also fill the contact form or do a Sage 50 live chat with dedicated Sage technicians.

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