Sage Error 1706 No Valid Source Could be Found for Product

No Valid Source Could be Found for Sage Product

The Sage error message with no valid source could be found usually takes place when installing the Sage MAS workstation setup using a mapping drive. It happens when the installer file failed to discover the location. It also happens when the installation is blocked by the antivirus or many other reasons. The below article is rounded up with the troubleshooting guide to fix the Sage 50 error no valid source could be found. 

What are the Primary Causes of Sage error no valid source could be found?

  • Damaged Windows component on the particular workstation
  • The corrupted Windows installer on the Operating system of the workstation
  • The user logged into the computer does not have permission to use the Mapped Drive.
  • Disconnect Mapped Drive or broken network link
  • Not installed Microsoft 365 
  • Antivirus software blocking the installation file 
  • The installer file failed to discover the location with the package

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How to Resolve Sage Error Message with no Valid Source could be Found?

Make sure you have taken a data backup before proceeding with enhanced solutions. Follow the below methods:

Solution 1: Delete Windows Temp Folder

Here are steps to delete Windows Temp Folder:

  • Enter %temp% 
  • It will display the Run command
  • Click all files & folders 
  • Choose Delete 
  • Click Do this for all active items if a message appears Folder in User 
  • Choose Skip 
  • Verify the Opening of Sage 50

Solution 2: Fix the Registry

  • Run either the third party tool or Microsoft Fixit tool can fix the registry then fix the installation.

Solution 3: Turn off Anti-virus

  • Open the antivirus 
  • Now install the update as administrator manually 
  • If you have downloaded using Sage 50 with updates 
  • Follow the link C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download
  • Now give a right-click on the execution file and then run as administrator

Solution 4: Try using Selective Startup Mode

  • Reboot the system with Sage mode & selective startup mode installs the update.

Solution 5: Run Pending updates of the Windows

  • Missing/pending Windows update that blocking the Install Script may be the reason for this error.

Solution 6: Turn off the Update if not used Microsoft 365

Click on the option named Automatically Install Product Updates to pause the Sage 50 Accounting system from installing the update of the product. Here are the steps to switch Automatic Updates:

  • Open the Home Page
  • Click Help option 
  • Choose About Sage 50 Accounting 
  • Click Support Info…
  • Hit Modify Product Update Settings 
  • Clear the check field named Automatically Download Product updates to pause Sage 50 Accounting using product updates & installing updates
  • Now clear out the check box labeled Automatically Install Product Updates to pause the product updates installation
  • Hit OK
  • Once closed Sage 50 choose the tab labeled Remind Me Later

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Final Words

Here is the article with message error: No valid source could be found for the Sage 50 accounting component is fixed. If you are still facing the issue then reach the professional team member. Give a ring to the experts, or use a Sage 50 live chat or email address to get exceptional assistance without keeping you waiting.

Accounting Professionals & Specialized Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I set Automatic Updates of the Sage 50?

The Sage 50 Accounting system automatically monitors the system updates once you are connected to the internet.

How would I use the Windows Installation Cleaner Utility?

1. Click on the windows search box 
2. Enter disk clean up 
3. Choose Disk Cleanup 
4. Click Disk cleanup using results list 
5. Choose the drive you need to clean up 
6. Hit Ok 
7. Below are Files to delete then choose the file types to fix. Give a click to get a file type description 
8. Click OK

What If I Need to Choose a suitable Permission Level?

1. Open the properties dialog field
2. Choose the security button
3. Hit Edit 
4. Choose the user you need to set permission from the Group section 
5. Click section named Permissions, use the check field to choose the suitable permission level 
6. Hit Apply and then choose Okay

How can I resolve the Registry Errors in Windows 10?

1. Firstly backup the registry 
2. Now make a system restore point 
3. Restore the registry using restore point or backup 
4. Now scan the registry with the System File Checker tool. Here are the steps:
5. Open the Command Prompt 
6. Choose Run as administrator mode
7. Enter sfc/scannow 
8. Hit Enter key

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