How to Fix Sage 50 SmartPosting Error?

Sage 50 SmartPosting Error Code

While updating your Sage software, you may encounter Smart Posting Error. Well, we have received lots of queries regarding that and hence, we present this blog to help you out.

Causes Of Sage 50 SmartPosting Error:

Sage 50 SmartPosting Error

There can be different causes as to why the Sage 50 Smart Posting Error takes place.

  • The program has stopped in service
  • There might be insufficient balance
  • Damaged or corrupted program files
  • Virus and Malware attack
  • Damaged and corrupted Transactions
  • Transactions which are out of balance
  • Environmental Factor

Resolution of Sage 50 SmartPosting Error:

There are a few solutions as to how you might be able to fix the Sage 50 Smart Posting Error. These methods are listed below in details:

Total Time: 30 minutes

Solution 1: Installed Smartposting:

πŸ”· You need to close all the software of Sage 50 that is running on the server
πŸ”· You need to check whether the following files are installed on your server :
πŸ”· exe
πŸ”· exe.config
πŸ”· dll
πŸ”· You need to copy the following command on your Notepad: (sc create β€œSage 50 Smart Posting 2013” start = auto binPath = β€œC: Program Files Sage 50 Smart Posting Service 2013. exe” Display Name = Server = β€œYour Server Name” = β€œSage 50 Smart Posting 2013”)
πŸ”· Update your binPath from the Notepad. After that match the binPath and the program path
πŸ”· You need to change the server name to the server you are running on
πŸ”· You need to change the version of the year to the version that you are currently using of Sage 50
πŸ”· Next, click on the Windows button and start the Run command
πŸ”· Type cmd in the search field
πŸ”· To execute the program, click on OK
πŸ”· You need to paste the command line that has been created by you in the above methods on the MS DOS prompt window and then click on Enter
πŸ”· You will be able to see β€œSuccess” popping up on your screen
πŸ”· After that, click on Start and open the Run command
πŸ”· Type msc in the search field and then click on OK
πŸ”· Select the recently installed Sage 50 Smart Posting 20XX from the drop down list and click on Start button again
πŸ”· Make sure that your Smart Posting service is working properly

Solution 2:

πŸ”· Keep holding the Windows key + R key together at the same time, then go to the Run box and type β€œservices.msc” and click on OK
πŸ”· Right click on the Service and choose Start > Restart
πŸ”· After you are done completing this task, you can go ahead and click on Next

Solution 3: Maintain Company Information:

πŸ”· You need to log in as a single user and then go to Maintain > Company Information
πŸ”· After you are done, you can click on Next and then you need to click on and choose Posting Method
πŸ”· Once done, you need to click on Real Time and then press OK
πŸ”· Lastly, you need to click on Maintain and then select Company Information

Solution 4:

πŸ”· You need to choose the link and then click on the β€œStart Smart Posting”
πŸ”· After that, you need to click on Tasks > System > Post
πŸ”· Once done, you need to select the journal, click on it and then select OK
πŸ”· Finally, you need to select and click on Maintain > Company Information

Solution 5:

πŸ”· It also happens frequently that the users encounter with this error due to several environmental issues. It is then that those issues and glitches need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Solution 6:

πŸ”· You need to first uninstall the Sage 50 software and then reinstall Sage 50 Latest version it again
πŸ”· After the completion of all the steps above, the user is required to reboot or restart the system and inspect it thoroughly whether the issue still persists and the user is facing it again and again.

Still have queries?

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πŸ“’Frequently Asked Questions

Can Resuming the SmartPosting Service Help me with this Issue?

Follow the given below steps to resolve this error –
πŸ”· Press Windows key +R on your console
πŸ”· Next, type services.msc into the Run field and click Enter
πŸ”· Find out Sage or Peachtree in the list of services.
πŸ”· You can start or restart a Service by right-clicking it and selecting one of those options.

How Can I Fix the Sage 50 SmartPosting Service if it is Not Starting?

You can change your security settings to allow Sage 50 and Pervasive required functions.

Owing to Damaged or Corrupted Files, you May Encounter this Error. What to do in that Case?

Uninstall and then reinstall the Sage Software to get rid of this problem. It may help you when none of the solutions are helping you out.

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