Connecting Sage 300 CRE with Excel Using Office Connector

Connect Sage 300 CRE with Excel Using Office Connector

Sage introduces integrations, advanced features, and many more connecting approaches with other applications to find better results. To save your valuable time, the office connector for the Sage 300 construction and the real estate (CRE) is one of the most valuable advanced tools for making companies that need to make connections excel to their Sage company’s accounting data. This add-on application specifically designed for Sage 300 CRE. Read this blog to know about its work and benefits to achieve your business goal.

Facts about How Excel Powerful Features

  • In the business world, Microsoft Excel is considered to be a vital tool for analyzing business data and reporting.
  • Whether your accounting programming accompanies heaps of built-in making reports like Sage 300 CRE does, the information is normally static and ‘view only’.
  • In Microsoft Excel, you can collaborate with the numbers utilizing data filters, graphs, and many more options.
  • The way toward moving information into Excel as well as getting it back into the accounting system is frequently a countering and manual cycle of import and export data schedules and comprehension of complex database tables and structures.

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About Sage 300 CRE Office Connector

Sage 300 CRE Office Connector includes some separate products that permit you to work on reports, move data back, query, and, seamlessly and without manual intervention, between Microsoft Excel and Sage 300 CRE.  Have a look at its powerful components include:

  • Connector regarding Query – It comes with dynamic inquiries consequently recovers information from Sage 300 Construction for inside and out examination utilizing natural Excel reports, worksheets, charts, graphs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. These real-time connections permit you to invigorate and refresh the information whenever by simply click on the button.
  • Connector Creates Write Format- Empowers you to plan information from your Excel worksheets and structures to relating writable fields inside Sage 300 CRE. Also, an ‘Approve Changes’ cycle places you in complete control of what composes back to your Sage software system setup.
  • Connector Business Financials – Utilize your Sage 300 monetary information in Excel to make the top-bottom business finance related reports utilizing the entirety of Excel’s amazing features like charting, graphing, rotate tables, and that’s just the beginning. Sage 300 CRE Office Connect makes a way to save you long stretches of time on reporting and analysis process in Excel and maybe the best part is that it’s anything but difficult to utilize and accompanies various pre-built questions
  • The Connector makes Import Possible- Gives accurate functionality to save the Excel worksheets in proper formats that would then be able to import information back into Sage. It will make the import files over the spreadsheets with the click of a button appears on your screen and without the need to reformat or recreate the data as per your business requirement according.

Save Time with Connecting Sage 300 CRE with Excel Using Office Connector

It merits bringing up that many accounting software systems will effortlessly ‘dump’ all selected information from a report into Excel. What makes Office Connector diverse is that it pulls information from Sage 300 CRE and afterward permits you to change boundaries, revive the numbers, and interface with your ongoing Sage accounting software framework information. Attempt that with a single direction information dump which saves your valuable time to focus the business core process.

In case you’re prepared to lessen the time you go through bobbling with file formatting and manually moving information around in Excel and then hit the click below to locate a Sage 300 Construction accomplice in your general vicinity that can address your inquiries concerning Office Connector and assist you with getting it correct setup.

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Final Words

So, there you have it people, these are some of the main aspects regarding Connecting Sage 300 CRE with Excel Using Office Connector. However, if you still require further details, you can visit us at and you are sure to discover a lot more regarding the topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can one Connect Excel to Sage?

In order to do so, you need to:
1. Launch the Excel 
2. Next, launch your workbook or a blank workbook.
3. Now Check if the Sage 50 Accounts tab appears.
4. In case it does, continue to the next section. 
5. Now Click File then 
6. Next click Options.
7. Click Add-Ins then click the Manage drop-down 
8. Finally click COM Add-ins then click Go

What is meant by the Sage 300 Excel Connector?

The Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, previously known as Sage Timberline Office; here the Office Connector is in fact a series of applications that automatically connects your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data over to Excel. This solution helps save you hours of time on reporting and analysis tasks by using Excel.

How can one Add an Office Connector to Excel?

In order to do this, you need to:
1. Start by Clicking on Home
2. Next click on Add-ins
3. Now click on More Add-ins.
4. With in the Office dialog, click select My Add-ins tab.
5. Next Select the add-in from My Add-ins tab within the Office Add-ins dialog
6. Lastly click Add to install the add-in.

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