How to use Sage 100 Visual Integrator to Import into Business Framework Data

Sage 100 Visual Integrator to Import into Business Framework Data

For importing the Sage 100 Visual Integrator to the Business Framework Data, You need to have the proper process of doing it otherwise it can cause you many errors.  Here you get to know the whole process of resolving it as it is given by the Sage 100 support team who helps you in resolving issues by providing the best and verified solutions to you. Before processing with the solution do make the backup of the data before applying any solution to it.

You need to process it as it is given and do it properly so that it is resolved without any inconvenience. The team members are polite in nature, friendly and well-mannered so they handle the situation maturely and get you the great solution and information as well.

Process to Import the Visual Integrator to the Business Framework

  1. Firstly, you need to decide the fields that are needed in the import job
  2. You have to enter the imported data in the file manually
  3. When you are making the manual entry; do make the note for the fields that need to be entered manually
  4. In the import job, these field are important that needs to be included
  5. Now you need to select the Import Job Maintenance, Main, Visual Integrator and also enter the Job Name
  6. Select the table in which it can be import easily and before that search for the Table Name
  7. Enter the name of the fields in the Data tab that you have mentioned as required in above step 3
  8. The default values are overridden then other fields are added
  9. In the tab of Configuration, if the Header Separated From the Line Record is not selected then you don’t need to define the record tab
  10. Do click on the Skip Source Data Truncation in the Configuration tab
    • If the number of importing GL Account are longer than 9 chars with separators
    • If the descriptions that needs to be imported are more than 30 chars.

How to reach us?

For more information, you need to just dial the Sage 100 technical support number 1800 964 3096. The team is here 365 days a year so you can contact then at any point of time. You can also reach them via email or Sage 50 live chat. The team members are expert, trained, and professional with many years of experience. So they understand your situation and query easily and get you the best ever solution.

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