Sage 300 and Sage HRMS Integration

Sage 300 and Sage HRMS Integration

Sage HRMS is one of the best and the most powerful software that reduces your manual efforts and shuffling of papers that even takes care of the admin burden. In such cases, you need to make sure that it does not create any problem. Your issue with the software can easily be sorted out just by entering, managing and synchronizing data in two ways – Once in HR and the other in Payroll.

Now, here comes the role of Sage Payroll Link, it becomes an abridgment between Sage 300 payroll data and Sage HRMS.

What is Sage Payroll Link?

The Sage Payroll Link is a software application which facilitates complete integration of Sage HRMS and Sage 300. All the tools and features in this link are specifically designed to make handy your company file/data, payroll information and personnel.

Sage 300 with Sage HRMS Integration

Once you integrate these two software Sage 300 and Sage HRMS, you can easily handle and manage all the aspects of admin benefits, HR compliance, training and certificates, leaves and attendance accruals all with the help of this powerful integration.


It is known as core solution of HR related services which help you manage critical information of employees. It is ideal software for all types of business and you can easily manage benefits of company program, to make sure no violation of government laws, you can easily prepare reports and track them. No need of manual storage, you can easily store your data in Sage HRMS.

Sage HRMS Time Off

Software specifically designed to track leaves and absents of the employees. With this facility, you can easily define absence code, manage and handle Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and manage carry-overs and accruals. It is designed while keeping in mind of how to track other basic needs with unmatched flexibility in your management plan.

Sage HRMS Training Management

It specifically allows you to define basic training management needs, ensure completion of certification process. Besides, you can easily manage training schedules of new employees after analyzing their current skill sets employees’ skill profiles can also be updated after their completion.

Setup Sage 300 ERP and Sage HRMS

You need to setup and install your Sage HRMS and Sage 300 ERP in the same order we are mentioning below.

You need to setup, install and then activate Sage 300 ERP.

  • You need to install Sage 300 ERP.
  • Activate your payroll module before activating your Sage Payroll Link.
  • Activate optional fields before full functionality.
  • Now, add earnings, deductions, and other benefit codes in payroll.

Steps to Sage 300 and Sage HRMS Integration

Once you are done with the setup of Sage 300 ERP and Sage HRMS, follow the steps to start integrating your Sage payroll.

  • First you add and then update record of employee in your Sage HRMS.
  • Now, in Sage 300 ERP start integrating process of Sage HRMS with all new changed employee’s record.
  • Now, if necessary, add time card in your Sage 300 ERP.
  • In your Sage 300 ERP Payroll, start calculating your payroll.
  • Now, print pre-check register.
  • Now, in your payroll software, print check and post it.
  • Print the payroll checks and then post it in Sage 300 software.
  • To bring out absent transaction from your Sage 300, you need to use Sage HRMS.

To know more about Sage 300

HRMS and Sage 300 Integration contain certain technical steps to be performed with keen look. Any loss of step may lead to error (s) and fail the integration process. In such cases, we suggest you come directly in contact with genuine service provider available in the market.

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We,, lay ourselves in the same category and provide all authentic information respective to customer’s need or the issue faced by the customer.


Sage 300 and Sage HRMS Integration
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