Sage 50 Canadian Edition Running Slow over Network

Sage 50 Canadian Edition Running Slow

Many users of the Sage 50 Canadian Edition have intimated to us that their software is running slow whenever they are operating it over a network. If you are one of them, we have it covered for you! In this blog, you will be provided with some easy yet highly effective methods to fix this issue. You need to simply perform these steps sequentially and you can get rid of this issue, for good!

Here we go! Before going into the troubleshooting part, let’s first look into why this issue occurs at all..

Causes of the ‘Sage 50 Canadian Edition Running Slow over Network’ issue

Many functional and technical issues in your system may contribute to the occurrence of this issue. Some of these are –

  • Server/workstation requirements are not met
  • An issue with the Sage log file
  • Presence of virus/malware
  • When the size of the log viewer file becomes more than 2 GB
  • When the software experiences latency issues, network adaptor software issues and hardware issues

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Procedure to Fix the ‘Sage 50 Canadian Edition Running Slow over Network’ issue

Here we are providing multiple methods to resolve the Sage 50 Canadian Edition Running Slow over Network’ issue –

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method 1: Run Sage 50 as an Administrator

🔹 Right-click on the Sage 50 Canadian Edition icon on the desktop
🔹 Go to the Properties section
🔹 Click on the Compatibility tab
🔹 Checkmark the box next to the label ‘Run this program as administrator’.
🔹 Click OK to save the changes

Method 2: Disable VPN

Please follow the steps below to disable VPN in Windows 7 and 10-
🔹 Go to the Settings section on your computer
🔹 Click on Network & Internet.
🔹 From the left-side menu, Select VPN 
🔹 Specify the VPN connection you need to disable.
🔹 Click on Disconnect.
🔹 You can always enable the VPN after using the Sage 50 CA edition.

Method 3: Clean the Windows Temporary Folder

Press Windows and R keys simultaneously on your computer to open the Run menu
🔹 Type %temp% in the text box.
🔹 Press enter
🔹 Select all the files and folders.
🔹 Click Delete.
🔹 Checkmark the box next to the label ‘Do this for all current items’
🔹 If an alert “Folder In Use” appears, click on Skip.
🔹 Open the Sage 50 CA software again and check if the issue exists.

Method 4: Check if your System is Out of Resources

You can check this by checking the percentage of CPU and Memory usage on your system. To do this, follow the steps below-
🔹 Do a right-click on the status bar
🔹 Click Windows Task Manager from the menu. You can also press
🔹 CtrlAlt and Delete simultaneously to bring up the Task Manager window. 
🔹 You can check the percentage of usage of different running programs at the bottom of the Windows Task Manager
🔹 Stop the programs with a high percentage of usage

We hope the troubleshooting steps mentioned above would help you a great deal to fix the ‘Sage 50 Canadian Edition Running Slow over Network’ issue. If you are still not able to get rid of this issue, or, if you experience any difficulties in carrying out the above-mentioned steps, we would recommend you to speak to the experts 1800 964 3096.

Accounting Professionals & Specialized Experts

Want quick help from accounting software experts? Get in touch with our team members who can install, configure and configure your software for you. Proficient in fixing technical issues, they can help you quickly get back to work whenever you encounter an error in Sage software. Our team is available 24/7 365 days to assist you. To get in touch.

💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

To resolve the ‘Sage 50 Canadian Edition Running Slow over Network’ issue, I am asked to verify the user preferences. How to do this?

Please perform the steps below-
🔹 Select Setup
🔹 Go to User Preferences >>Options.
🔹 De-select Automatically Refresh Lists.
🔹 Next, de-select the boxes next to the labels ‘Automatically Refresh Record Balance’ and ‘Calculate Record Balances in Home Window Lists by Session Date 
🔹 Open the Sage 50 CA software again and check if the issue exists.

What are the System Requirements to install the Sage 50 2018 Canadian Edition?

🔹 Recommended processor 2.0 GHz
🔹 Recommended RAM: 6 GB ( although the minimum requirement is 4 GB)
🔹 Space: 1 GB form software, with an additional 2 GB
🔹 Internet Explorer 11.0
🔹 MS Windows 7,8,8.1 or 10, with the latest updates installed
🔹 Minimum Monitor resolution: 1024×768 with 256-color or higher SVGA 
🔹 SMTP or MAPI compliant email client
🔹 Optical CD-ROM drive
🔹 32-bit versions of MS Word, Excel & office (2010 or higher)
🔹 MS Office 365 Business Premium for better integration
🔹 1 Mbps minimum speed for online services 
🔹 For multi-user: MS Windows 7,8,8.1 or 10 
🔹 For dedicated server: Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, 2008 R2, 🔹 Windows Small Business Server 2008 R2

To resolve the ‘Sage 50 Canadian Edition Running Slow over Network’ issue, I am asked to Clear some Data and Reduce the Data load on my system. How to do this?

If your database has been in use for several years it may be having too much data to load, every time it runs. Before clearing data, you should first create a backup. then, on the main screen menu click on Maintenance and click Clear data. You can also go to Setup>>Settings >> Company>>Information and check how many historical years your database contains. Try to clear data for one year at a time or multiple years at one go.

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